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Water-only Fasting in Machu Picchu, Peru
Sacred Valley Retreat Center 
   March Date TBC 2020 

Welcome to this medically manage water fasting with an amazing experienced team to support you through this Journey,. We are an experience team to support you safely in this journey inward with water fasting. We have chosen a magical environment to be immersed in while cleansing your body and Soul.

Close to the mystical energies of Ancient civilizations we apply ancient secular wisdoms and the advanced clinical management to hold a safe and deeply healing space for you. This is going to be a journey into health and the reconnection with life through Water Fasting.

Wake up each morning at the base of majestic mountains views, right underneath a beautiful waterfall nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with natural luxury at your door step, and begin your day with a grounding meditation in an inspiring spiritual environment.
Throughout history, fasting has been a common practice in many cultures, employed for physical, mental and spiritual health. In the past 50 years, an effort has been made to develop an organized approach to using fasting as a “procedure” for facilitating the self-healing process of the body. During this Water Fasting Retreat we will guide you through this long-term health benefit. 

The Venue
Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley Retreat Center and Machu Picchu
No better words than images that can touch our hearts:) please follow the link to see the place where you will spend 16 days with us!

The Water Fasting Team
Daniela Densley, MD, NT -  Dr. Daniela is a passionate Medical Doctor trained in Peru and the USA and a Naturopathic Nutritionist trained in the UK. She is a firm believer in the power of a healthy, balanced lifestyle to both prevent and treat chronic illness. She has a special interest in whole food, plant-based medicine and enjoys working in partnership with her patients to help them adopt a healthier and happy life. Dr. Daniela has been working at TrueNorth Health Center since 2015 supervising approximately 60 patients in a daily basis during their water-only fast. She also works on Clinical Research as part of the TrueNorth Research Program since 2016.  

Alicia Ruiz, International Yoga Teacher - has a passion for the combination of yoga and holistic healing arts. She is an experienced and sensitive teacher and bodywork therapist. She is also an eager Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism student and practitioner, spending long part of her time in Asia each winter deepening her studies in Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism. She is 500 hrs certified with more than 10 years’ experience teaching yoga and she is dedicating her life for the last 5 years into leading yoga, detox & holistic retreats around the world. 
Didier Fernandes ,GP,RN - “Started his career as a Nurse practitioner in Oncology since 2005 with a spiritual calling and parallel development into ancient wisdoms, self-development and holistic therapies like Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Shamanism. Eventually decided to leave the hospital environment and develop himself as a practitioner in natural medicine and following various spiritual practices. He offers Yoga and Detox retreats with his partner Alicia and consultations worldwide as a Gerson practitioner resident and holds also certification in Ozone Therapy and studies in clinical water fasting from TN. 
Tom Densley - has more than 13 years of experience in the area of Training and Management. He worked for Royal Caribbean International, Cruise line, in the casino department and in Caesars’s Casino in the UK. Since February 2018 Tom has been working at TrueNorth Health Center, one of the few clinics that offer medically supervised Water-only Fasting, training in the area of health clinic management.  

Before and after your Water Fast you will enjoy delicious and nourishing whole plant meals without added Sugar, Salt or Oil with Peruvian inspiration. All meals are made with organic veggies from the garden and organic farms within the area. 
Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner under the sun and with a beautiful view of the gardens full of flowers.
The kitchen is a sacred place where food is prepared with ingredients from the retreat garden and organic farms within the area.

Day Trip to Machu Pichú
A magical one-day trip to Machu Picchu. the retreat staff will start your transportation from the retreat site by getting you to the train station. A train will get you to “Aguas Calientes” or “Hot Springs”, and a bus will take you to the Sanctuary itself. A guide will lead the group, and lunch will be at the renowned restaurant “Indio Feliz”.

Retreat Charges
The rate ranges from $3100 to $6300, depending on the type of room you choose and the number of people in your group. 


- Stay for 16 days, 15 nights in the Sacred Valley, 
- Pick you up from Cuzco International Airport or Cuzco City on March 24th and you will be transported back to the airport or Cuzco city on April 8th.
- Initial Medical Consultation with Dr. Densley prior to the start of the fast and a follow-up consult at the end of the stay. 
- Preparation to your fast for 2 days in the retreat, followed by:
- 7 days of water only fast, followed by:
- Reintroduction of food for 4 -6 days for a proper refeed. 
- Medical supervision twice a day.
- 24 hours medical assistance.
- Purified water.
- Refeeding with organic vegetables broth & juices followed by:
- Organic whole plant meals free of Salt, Sugar or Oil (SOS-free).
- Daily yoga, meditation, group sessions, lectures, Journaling ,educational DVDs, movies
- Visit to local tourist attractions (not while fasting)
- Visit to the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu and to the hot springs “aguas calientes”. 
- 1 Pachamama ceremony
- 1 Plant and Flower purification Bath
- Laundry service (twice during your stay).
- Additional medical consultations, nutritional consultations, massages and private yoga classes for extra fee.
- Available extra stand up paddle, Temazcal, water fall trips.
Additional Services
- Extra consultation with the Doctor: $250 per 1hour
- Naturopathic Nutrition consultation: $75 per half-hour session.
-  Individual yoga class: $50 per one hour session.
- Holistic Yoga Therapy: $90 for 1h 30 minutes session. 
-  Therapeutic massage: Therapeutic massage is available for $90 for 1h 30min. Retreat services and excursions may be available at additional cost from affiliated service providers.
- Extra laundry: $10/load.
- Extra meals/juices: $10/juice or $15 per meal. (The price in the retreat includes 4 juices/day when and 3 meals/day according to schedule, extra juices or meals have a extra fee).

Not included in the price 
- Airfare to and from Cuzco International Airport. 
- Lodging before or after the training dates are not included.
- Travel Insurance
- Visa
- The costs of the retreat/extra services are not reimbursed by your Medical Insurance.
- Extra services during your retreat (mentioned above).
Non-Refundable Deposit: 
To make a reservation, a non-refundable deposit of $500 per person is required. We accept PayPal, cash or online payment.
 All participants must pay for their anticipated stay when they arrive at the Retreat. 
A final payment of the rest of the money will be done 46 days prior to the start of the fast. 

Booking Your Stay at the Retreat 

Before participating in our Water Fasting Program, we will need your Contact Information (phone number is important) and Medical History Forms completed followed by a 15 minutes phone screening with Dr Daniela. This is done by downloading the forms, filling them out and sending them back to Dr Daniela via email.
1. Review the description and prices of the fasting retreat program. 

3. Send the filled HSQ, consent forms and latest labs results to

4. After receiving your filled forms, you will be contacted by email with the available times/dates for a phone screening. Be sure you send you preferable phone number to schedule a 15 minutes phone screening. 

5. Once approved for the fasting program you will receive a link to start your reservation.

6. Any questions don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Densley at:


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